Times are changing: no doubt about that. Even little piddly stuff here. Given the constant state of flux, I've decided to stop releasing new colors in batches with the change of the season. Instead, I'm going to switch to a model of releasing a new colorway about once a month. (...Okay okay, so I may also have gone on a bit of a color development bender and they are all awesome but just don't fit nicely into groups of 5. This is not untrue.)


Strange Brew was a really easy thing to name this color. Not only did it instantly speak to me of Halloween, of pumpkins on slate stoops, and of crisp leaves on the asphalt, but it was in fact, rather a strange brew.

​It's one of my "happy accident" colorways. I had just gotten both of these new dyes. I wanted to see what they both looked like. I only had one pot. So in they went together.

​I fully expected to have to overdye the result. I was surprised at how obsessed I was with the result! It got a name as I hung the first few skeins up to dry and was instantly destined for October's Color Of The Month slot.