Color Of The Month - GO ASK ALICE

I'm obsessed. I just love this color. So much. I want it everywhere. All the time. Gahhh.


Times are changing: no doubt about that. Even little piddly stuff here. Given the constant state of flux, I've decided to stop releasing new colors in batches with the change of the season. Instead, I'm going to switch to a model of releasing a new colorway about once a month. (...Okay okay, so I may also have gone on a bit of a color development bender and they are all awesome but just don't fit nicely into groups of 5. This is not untrue.)


I'm so happy to finally be able to introduce June's color: Go Ask Alice! I loved this color from the moment I first experimented with it and also knew what song it made me think of right away. Unfortunately "White Rabbit" seemed a bit strange for a colorway that was definitely not white. In order to avoid the inevitable confusion of an aqua color named "White Rabbit" I opted for the most identifiable line from this Jefferson Airplane classic.


I'm unabashedly in love with this color. It's a solid that goes with SO MANY THINGS. Brights. Muted colors. Pastels. Everything. You may have seen me showing off two cakes on my Instagram last week for an upcoming project. One is Go Ask Alice on Diva and the other is Champagne Supernova on Boogie Woogie. It took me a solid 2 weeks to pick the Champagne color because there were just SO many options. I'm also definitely planning on using it in a sweater sometime soon.