Times are changing: no doubt about that. Even little piddly stuff here. Given the constant state of flux, I've decided to stop releasing new colors in batches with the change of the season. Instead, I'm going to switch to a model of releasing a new colorway about once a month. (...Okay okay, so I may also have gone on a bit of a color development bender and they are all awesome but just don't fit nicely into groups of 5. This is not untrue.)


I am not a fan of spumoni ice cream. I'm really, really not. But when I saw this colorway on the rack drying, that's immediately where my head went to. It made me nostalgic for the summers of my childhood, spent on Long Beach Island in NJ and peppered with frequent trips to Aunt Ollie's Ice Cream on the Boulevard. Even though pastels are not really my personal thing, I just loved this color and the memories it evoked - picking August's Color Of The Month was easy.