MollyGirl Feat. Logan Streu: Do The Whirlwind

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This color is a part of our Featured Artist Series! It's called Do The Whirlwind and was dyed by Logan Streu. These skeins are strictly limited edition, so get them while you can!

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Logan Streu is a publisher of scientific papers, a bistitchual yarnie, a snuggler of cats, and a completely adorable cutiepie. We met in 2014 when she started dating my friend Pete; now not only is she married to my friend Pete but they tied the knot a year to the day after Mark & I did. You can find her on Instagram.

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MollyGirl's Featured Artist Series is a fun collaboration where friends, both yarnie and non-yarnie, are invited into the my studio to splash some dye onto MollyGirl's amazing yarns!

All I knew when I dyed my first skein of yarn was the basic chemistry of yarn dyeing. I mixed up some Wilton get food coloring & white vinegar, wrapped it up with a skein of Lion Brand's LB Collection Pure Wool in some plastic wrap, nuked it in the microwave, and scored myself my first skein of dyed yarn (and a nasty steam burn - be careful kids). I played and experimented and tried some really weird things (ask me about the thing with the ice cubes sometime) and eventually developed my own techniques and style to dye yarn, not to mention my own yummy yarns to play with.

A couple of friends expressed to me recently that they wanted to learn more about what I do locked away in my studio all the time. So I had them over for the weekend, gave them the same basic info I had when I started (plus some tips and tricks, minus the plastic wrap & microwave) and let them have free reign. The things they came up with were so fun and so pretty and so completely different from the things I would've come up with. And thus was the first batch of Featured Artist skeins (sort of accidentally) born. We had a blast, and I even learned a thing or two.

One of the best things about the fiber industry is getting to see how people collaborate and create amazing things. Everyone has their own tastes, their own perspective, and their own story that makes their creations completely unique. Watching people create their own art & embracing the results is a wellspring of inspiration for me. I hope these skeins will inspire you as much as they inspire me.


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