MollyGirl Monthly Rewind

We're bringing back the classics, highlighting a different color each month! So whether it's a beloved oldie to you or something totally fresh, you can find our Monthly Rewind colorway here!

Mailing list members get an exclusive code for 20% off existing stock of our Monthly Rewind Color, so make sure you're on it!


About MollyGirl's Monthly Rewind
Introducing, MollyGirl's Monthly Rewind!

MollyGirl turns 8 in 2021; in the past 8 years I've dyed a butt ton of yarn and developed over 300 "standard" (ie. repeatable) colorways. It's hard to keep track of them all, let alone keep them all in stock. With all the attention I give to my new colors now, I wanted to find a way to feature some classic MollyGirl shades as well.

​So, MollyGirl's Monthly Rewind will go something like this... on the first of every month, I'll pick one classic color to feature. Probably something I haven't dyed much of in awhile, or something I feel never had its moment. (I may even open this up to club colors I liked exceptionally well.)

​During the month that color is featured, you'll be able to custom order that color on any available base in any quantity you like. I'll try and highlight cool projects or samples that used this colorway. I'll feature the swatches (most of which I'll have to actually MAKE) for that color so you can see it worked up. You can highlight YOUR projects, WIPs, or stash photos of the month's featured color on Instagram (using #mgmonthlyrewind) and if enough people get into it I'd like to start doing a monthly raffle for people who share their photos.

​ALSO, mailing list subscribers will get an exclusive discount code for 20% off existing stock in the featured color! That is to say, any pre-orders or customer dye jobs won't be eligible for the code, but anything that's ready to ship will!

​I'm really hoping you guys like this little program. I figure it's sort of like an intro post for new followers, but to introduce new people to classic colorways instead of my ugly mug. 😜=D