MollyGirl's Moving Sale!

MollyGirl is moving! This means so many great things for our business (and thus for you, our customers!) but first we need your help! Angela has a huge stash of personal yarn and needs to destash some of it before the move! Now's your chance to shop her carefully curated stash (and a limited selection of MG products too!) and snag some deals! She's being really brutal in trying to downsize, and there's lots of one-of-a-kind gems to find!

Better yet, use code MOVINGON to get an additional 20% off all non-destash yarn in this collection! (Destash is already marked down =])

The Fine Print: Destash yarns are not refundable and are buy-at-your-own-risk. I have done my best to represent the condition accurately and to the best of my knowledge of each lot. I can take no responsibility for quality or conditions of the yarn unbeknownst to me. I am not the original owner of all of the destash lots either and do not know the previous conditions under which the yarns were stored. If you have any sensitivities, you may not want to bring these into your home. All MollyGirl products purchased as a part of this sale are non-refundable and not able to be exchanged or returned. Thanks for understanding, guys - I gotta cover my butt =)

Please also note: Destash is NOT included in our FibreShare promotion! Sorry!