Trio DK - A Small Batch Yarn

Featuring a unique twist on an old classic, this stunning yarn features 3 plies; each ply is a different fiber, and thus takes the dye completely differently, giving it its unique marbled finish. The most richly colored ply is our beloved American superfine superwash merino, which lends the yarn some bounce. The second ply, the color in between, is 100% baby alpaca, which gives it a slight fuzz for some extra warmth. The “shiny” ply is a blend of silk and SeaCell, to give it a satiny hand and incredible drape!

This is a small batch, MollyGirl Exclusive yarn. We’ve only produced a small quantity of skeins for 2018 and will likely not produce more until 2019 or 2020! Don’t miss out on this one of a kind addition to your stash that will make a truly unique and much-loved garment!