PRE-ORDER - 6-Pack Sweater Bags of Unplugged!

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  • Save $6!

This listing is to pre-order a 6-Pack in the color of your choosing in our new Unplugged yarn! Please select the color you wish to choose from the drop-down menu.

Some things to note:

  • The photo does not necessarily correspond with the color in the dropdown; make sure you're selecting the right color! 
  • Not all colors are available on our Unplugged line of yarns.
  • Not all colors listed have corresponding photos; if there is no photo of the color you're looking for, it means it hasn't been dyed on Unplugged yet. As soon as we have a photo, we'll add one!


Up next... MollyGirl's Unplugged! Perfect for the sweater you wear every single day, the throw you snuggle with every evening on your couch, or the mittens you wear on your morning commute, Unplugged is our line of all-purpose wool. Peruvian wool is a very strong & sturdy fiber that softens more and more over time. We ultimately selected this specific yarn because it was very well balanced and equally amazing for colorwork, textured stitches, & cables.

This wool should be handwashed unless you wish to felt your items; it's great for that too! Like a good pair of denim jeans, garments made from our Unplugged line get better the more they're worn. Throw a little hair conditioner in with your wool wash to help break it in even faster!

Unplugged: Stats At A Glance
Weight Worsted
Yardage (per 100g) 215
Fiber Contents 100% Peruvian Wool




--Since this is a special listing, there is no custom order surcharge! Hooray!
--Please note that if you are ordering other yarn in addition to a special order, the entire order will ship when the special order is complete. If you require a portion to be shipped ahead of time, please place a separate order.
--The yarn you are ordering has not yet been dyed. Dye times may take longer depending on the base you choose and current dyeloads. I will do my best to get it out as quickly as possible, but it may take up to 8 weeks to produce. If longer, I will contact you. I do not anticipate it taking that long but I don't want to make promises I cannot keep.

If you have any questions at all, please email me at angela [at]!

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