MollyGirl's Spotlight, Volume II: My New Project

Welcome to MollyGirl's Spotlight! This is an awesome club where you just pick your base and how many skeins you want to get every month, and we'll do the rest! Every Volume of the club will feature a different musical or artist, and over the course of the five-month-long club you'll get five packages of yarn, each containing a limited edition colorway. You'll also get a limited run enamel pin with your final shipment to commemorate each Volume you get. More details below!

Something Wicked this way comes... That's right! By popular demand, Volume II is all about Wicked! We'll take you from Muchkinland to the Ozdust Ballroom to the Emerald City in a wonderful whirlwind of color that will defy gravity and blow your mind! PLUS you'll get this awesome, limited edition pin with your last shipment to commemorate your completion of Volume II!

What You'll Get

    • Yarn - Duh! - You'll get between 5 and 15 skeins of yarn over the course of the Volume (5 months), depending on how many you pick to get each month. (More info on this below!) 
    • Limited Edition Colorways - Inspired by the musical or artist in the Spotlight for the Volume, each month's package will contain a brand new, never-before-seen colorway! All your skeins in each month's shipment will be of the same colorway. These colorways will be strictly limited edition - they won't resurface anywhere for at least a year. Most will never been seen again! We will try to showcase several different types of colors (solids, speckles, varigateds, kettle dyes, etc) in each Volume to keep it fresh for you every month.
    • Exclusive Club Enamel Pin - As a part of your subscription you'll get a limited edition enamel pin! Volume II's pin features art by graphic designer extraordinaire (and yarnie!) Aaron Wood (sometimes known as JustOneScarf).

How It Works

  • Pick Your Yarn - Pick which yarn you'd like to get in this Volume of MollyGirl's Spotlight! You can choose from Bass Line, Diva (just for Spotlight Vol. II! What's magic without some sparkle?) Rock Star DK, or Rock Star; whatever you select you will get in all of your shipments for this Volume. Once you pick, you cannot switch, so choose carefully! You can also use this to plan ahead - start a colorblock cardigan, plan for a series of socks, or cast on your favorite fade!
  • Pick How Much Yarn You Want - We know everyone has their own go-to item that they love to knit, and whether you're a shawl knitter, sweater lover, or hat fanatic, every kind of project requires a different amount of yarn. To make sure you get the amount you can use most easily, we've let you pick how many skeins you'd like to get each month!
  • Pick Your Way To Pay - You can either pay in full now (which will net you a $10 discount plus a substantial shipping break in most cases as a thanks!) or you can choose to pay in five installments. By purchasing with this option, you're making your first payment. Two weeks prior to each shipment, you'll get an invoice from our shop with the same amount. You'll have one week to pay the invoice; failure to pay will result in discontinuation of your subscription with no refunds.

    SIGN-UPS OPEN JANUARY 1, 2019! Spaces are strictly limited, so mark your calendars or sign up for our mailing list to receive reminders!!