A Twist On A Classic: Rock Star DK in Independent Woman: Part I

  • $26.00

Now taking the stage... Rock Star DK, our beautiful DK weight superwash merino base! Plump & springy and 100% made just for us in the USA, this awesome yarn is perfect for pretty much everything from beautiful textured hats and mittens to cozy, cuddly cardigans, & everything in between! There's a whopping 300 yards in each 100g skein!

This colorway is called Independent Woman: Part I, inspired by the song by Destiny's Child.

This is a twist on a classic! Just what does that mean? To fully explain, I need to take you back to the source. The superwash merino used in our Rock Star bases is processed domestically in small batches. Part of the reason that's a good thing is while many places have a tendency to overtreat their merino, our supplier does not. Sometimes, though, the acid they use to superwash the wool isn't completely rinsed out when it gets to the mill and remains in until the yarn is dyed. This extra acid causes the dye to take more in some areas than others, resulting in a skein that looks marled. It's super cool, and I wish we could control it but at present, we can't. This means that every once in awhile, we get a really cool marled skein in a normal batch!