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All Of The Folks At Home

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There's gifts to bring and songs to sing
And laughs to make the rafters ring
It's Christmas in KIllarney
With all of the folks at home

This colorway was inspired by the song "Christmas In Killarney" by The Irish Rovers. Click here to open it on Spotify & check it out!

About This Colorway
In the almost 8 years I've been doing this, I've never done a Christmasy colorway. I've never been inspired to do something that was specifically Christmas-themed (I just don't get red & green together, I really don't) and I never totally saw the point of putting together a colorway that was only really going to be useful for maybe 1/12 of the year.

​But I wanted to put something together for our Lucky Fox Knits ornament kits that really fit with the theme. So here it is - my take on a Christmas colorway that I hope will be able to translate into projects year-round. To me it reads like a cozy cabin and a tartan blanket, and I think with the right colors next to it it's actually a really good color regardless of what time of year you're looking at it.

​Christmas was always a secular affair for us, and it still is. While I understand that the holiday has many religious significances for many, many people, it never meant that to me. For me the appeal lay in celebrating my favorite people, how much they meant to me, and spending time with them. (And yes, gift-giving. It's my love language, what can I say?) 

​I was a nut about Christmas music when I was a kid. Like, I listened to it and put on choreographed shows with costumes and everything 12 months a year. My passion was not to be quelled just because the air conditioning was on. My parents had a set of 5 records from... some magazine subscription? that were my go-tos. A lot of the songs on there were notable classics by Bing Crosby, the Vienna Boy's Choir, etc. but some were, shall we say, less notable. "Christmas In Killarney"  by the Irish Rovers is one of these, and it's from this song that the name for this colorway hails.

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