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Boomerang Scarf

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A wonderful scarf to go with my favorite tam! Based on fish scale lace, this pattern that is both easy to memorize and stunning in execution. Whether you make a short, wide scarf or a long & skinny one, whether you choose to block it or not, the result will certainly please. This pattern also works great with both smooth yarns and those with a halo, with solid yarns and variegated. I genuinely hope you enjoy this one – I know I do!


  • 280+ yards worsted/aran weight yarn 
  • US 10 needles

Pattern Notes
This pattern is easily adaptable to any weight yarn by casting on any multiple of seventeen. The total number of sts you CO may obviously change the yardage requirements.

Update as of January 2016: I’ve added instructions for making this an infinity scarf as well! I’ll be adding yardage requirements for different lengths as I go. Pictures upcoming!