Fadient Destash Wrap Kit

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You've seen photos of it around (and maybe you saw it at TNNA's Summer Fashion Show?) and now you can make your own Fadient Destash Wrap by Xandy Peters!

This kit features 5 skeins of yarn and the pattern! With Xandy's help we've put together some really awesome combinations and they are enumerated below! We've combined different yarns & colors to make a bunch of really fun combinations! 

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MG's Runway Combo! - As shown in the photos with Xandy and at our 2018 TNNA display! - features 1 skein of Diva in each of Shut Up & Dance, I'm Still A Rock Star, and Dancing Queen, and 1 skein of Bass Line in each of Up We Go and With Or Without You 

Surprise Me! - Can't make up your mind? Now you don't have to - just pick this selection from the dropdown menu! You'll get a random set of 5 skeins that we think will go well together AND a discount!