Glamour Lite in Under The Table & Dreaming

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Tired of the same old sparkle? Don't worry - Glamour Lite is here to make your world shimmer!

Made from a 75/25 blend of our signature American superwash merino and a special kind of nylon, this base can take a beating and is shinier than a disco ball... all while still keeping you looking great and toasty warm. The nylon refracts light that hits it, so instead of the typical glitter of stellina, it shimmers and sparkles in a totally different way! Great for outerwear, socks, and mittens, Glamour Lite is a fingering weight yarn with 450 yards per skein

This colorway is inspired by the song "Ants Marching" by Dave Matthews Band. The last few photos here are a part of our Epic Swatching Project (and a few of Angela's FOs!) and are there to give you an idea of how this color will work up!

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