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Angela-Proof Knitting Stitch Markers - Large Rope Rings - 10+ Varieties

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Hi! It's Angela. I made these!

The only thing sadder than a lost stitch marker is a broken stitch marker. I prefer to think I have a talent for quality control rather than a tendency to break things. ...but if it can be accidentally broken, damaged, squashed, ripped, or spilled... I tend to be the culprit. It was this that started me making my own stitch markers, and now the only ones I break are the ones I step on while wearing shoes.

All of the drops on my markers are all permanently affixed to the rings - they can only be removed with wire cutters. No more picking up your project to find open jump rings and no charms!

Likewise, I only use solid rings for my stitch markers. No jump rings, no split rings, no thin wires. The rings in this listing are suitable for knitting needles up to size US 11. 

I've given each of these sets a codename to identify them because SKUs are boring. When adding a set to your cart, make sure you have the correct codename selected in the dropdown menu.

Codenames, as well as information about the beads used in the drops, are in the photos. A decent portion of these beads come directly from my own personal stash, but I'm not nearly as good with labelling my beads. I've listed the particular materials to the best of my knowledge - if I'm not 100% sure about a material, I've indicated it with a question mark in parenthesis (?) next to the material name.

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Codenames courtesy of The Story Shack.

*Indicates a style which we have multiple sets of. You may not receive the exact set shown; differences in color, shape, etc. may be expected, particularly for beads made of natural or handmade materials. Additionally, for sets with Murano glass beads specifically: these handmade beads come in mixed packs and so you may receive a different grouping of colors and/or patterns than shown.