Limited Edition Colorway: Unplugged in Jam Session #1 (100g Only)

Limited Edition Colorway: Unplugged in Jam Session #1 (100g Only)

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Unplugged: Stats At A Glance
Weight Worsted
Yardage (per 100g) 215
Fiber Contents 100% Peruvian Wool


Up next... Unplugged! Perfect for the sweater you wear every single day, the throw you snuggle with every evening on your couch, or the mittens you wear on your morning commute, Unplugged is our line of all-purpose wool. Peruvian wool is a very strong & sturdy fiber that softens more and more over time. We ultimately selected this specific yarn because it was very well balanced and equally amazing for colorwork, textured stitches, & cables.

This wool should be handwashed unless you wish to felt your items; it's great for that too! Like a good pair of denim jeans, garments made from our Unplugged line get better the more they're worn. Throw a little hair conditioner in with your wool wash to help break it in even faster!

This listing is a One Night Only listing - that means it's a unique colorway. The only skeins available in this color are what is currently listed and in the majority of cases the color cannot be replicated. Get your hands these gems before they're gone for good!

Jam Session is a line of One Night Only colors made from a unique batch of dye. These colors are repeatable as long as the dye lasts and we can dye them on any yarn we have in stock until the dye is gone! 

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