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Lucky Star Origami Paper Strips

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LUCKY STARS. These are one of my favorite things ever. They're fast to learn, simple to do, and ridiculously fun.

I use them as a fidget, and have taken to using these grape tomato containers to hold them (see the last photo). Should you ever visit, you'll likely find at least one container of stars in each room! (I just don't suggest bringing them out with you in the rain... the papers get sad & hard to fold in the rain.)

The rainbow papers are a great place to start - I've found that the type of paper they use in these solid colored strips is probably the easiest to fold, though the printed paper ones are also very easy to fold.

The rainbow papers are 1 cm wide and 25 cm long; there are apx 20 strips per color. A total of 27 colors means 540 strips per pack!

Both Space packs contain apx 160 strips, 20 strips in each of 8 prints. These papers are slightly larger, at 1.2 cm wide and 25 cm long.

If you're new to folding, there are a TON of videos online about it. I think the best one is this one, though Husbunni and I have plans to make one as part of a family project, so when that's complete I'll link that here and on social channels.