MOVING SALE - Dream In Color Classy in Overdyed Forest Green

  • $12.00

100% Merino
250 yards / 113 grams

These were originally another shade of green and were overdyed by someone (NOT ME) before coming to me. I have washed them numerous times and they are still letting go of dye. The color has not changed overmuch since I got them, but I have no idea if that will change when they finally let go of all the excess dye. Nothing comes off on my fingers when I touch them. They are being sold as a pair.

Hi! Some friendly notes about my destash!

All my personal yarns come from a non-smoking, hypoallergenic-pet-friendly home and all are stored in tubs away from the furbabies (they have no interest anyway). I do store my yarns with lavender to ensure they are pest-free. I have included a current photo (taken by my phone) of all the skeins. They are sold as is. Some are missing tags, some are caked. The pic on the beige carpeting is the most current state of the yarn (usually the first pic unless the color came out totally wrong for some reason). The rest of the pictures are more color-accurate.

I ONLY have the amounts listed. I'm not a retailer of these yarns - I do not have mroe than is listed and I can't get it for you. Sorry!

Also, just so you know, I am ONLY selling full skeins unless I specifically say that a partial is included (some pictures include partials but they are only for sale if the listing specifically says so).

Thank you so much for helping us out and taking some of this glorious yarn off my hands - I really appreciate it you guys!!