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MollyGirl Yarn

No Frills Notion Bag - Large - Blue Flowers On White

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This is a No Frills Notion Bag, handmade by Angela of MollyGirl Yarn, a part of the MollyGirl Makes Collection. Perfect for holding notions, some makeup, or anything wee that you need contained! 

These small pouches are made from 100% polyester canvas. 

There are 2 sizes available. Two of the bags measure apx 6.75" wide by 5" high; there is one each of these with a blue and a green zipper. The third one is slightly larger, measuring apx  5.75" high by 7.5" wide. Please make sure you select the appropriate options from the drop down menu. The last photo is of the inside of a comparable bag so you can see the construction.

These bags were handcrafted for the love of making in New Jersey.

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MollyGirl Makes is a label under MollyGirl Yarn and refers to the collection of stuff that I make. I loves to play around and learn to create new and beautiful things for no reason other than the love of making. Frequently this means I make way more of a thing than I could ever use or even gift in a lifetime, and so I created MollyGirl Makes to let me share these with you under the auspices of MollyGirl Yarn.

MollyGirl Makes items are never made to order and rarely is the same thing made twice, as in the spirit of true handmade. I don't have a lot of free time, as any one who knows me or follows me on social media knows well, but when I do I am always MAKING. Or playing video games. But usually making stuff. =)

I really hope you enjoy this collection! Handmade items are the work of my soul.