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Septarian - Pin Drafted Roving, Blend No. 003

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We're so excited to finally offer our own line of custom-blended pin-drafted roving!

Pin-drafted roving is one of Angela's favorite things to spin. If you're new to this kind of spinning fiber, here's a quick explanation: most people who've been to a yarn show will be familiar with top - the big, fat braids of fiber many dyers will offer. Top is the most common way that fiber mills will receive fiber from blenderes. Before the mill spins it, though, it needs to be pin-drafted. Once the fiber is pin-drafted, it's ready to spin... both at the mill and wherever you happen to be! Pin-drafted roving is particularly good for newer spinners - you can draft the fiber further if you want while you're spinning, but it's MUCH easier to do. 

Unless otherwise indicated, each bag contains apx 100g of fiber.

Blend No.: 

Blend Name: Septarian

Fiber Contents: 84% domestic sw "Rock Star" merino, 13% Peduncle silk, 3% recycled sari silk threads

Dyed by MollyGirl? Yes! All the wool in this blend was dyed by Angela and is our signature 100% made-in-the-USA superwash merino. (The exact colors are Between Halloweens, Another One Bites The Dust, and And They Were All Yellow, for interested parties.)

Blended by: Kingdom Fleece & Fiberworks in East Hardwick, VT


I know - that was my question too. But it's the star of this blend, so get ready to BE EDUCATED!

TLDR: Peduncle silk comes from Tussah silkworms. Tussah silk comes from the cocoons this worm spins; before they spin a cocoon, though, they spin a peduncle - a little stem that holds the cocoon to whatever it's anchored on (like a tree). Peduncle silk is silk that has been made from the labor-intensive process of turning these little stems (a waste product) into a usable fiber! It's naturally got a beautiful warm brownish-grey color, and fits in perfectly with this blend of our Rock Star wool and recycled red Sari silk threads! 

 For more info on Peduncle Silk, check out: