Stashbox Hero

  • $8.00

Live in fear of pests no longer! Simply toss one of these pretty little sachets in with all your fibers to protect them from all comers!

Our wonderful little heroes come in two varieties: Lovely Lavender & Heroic Herbs! I use high-quality, natural ingredients that will protect your stash safely and effectively.

Lavender is world-renowned for its protective properties, but in my travels I've met quite a number of people who either don't like it or are straight-up allergic to it. So when I decided to make these, I knew I needed to research some alternatives. I came up with this amazing herbal blend as a great alternative! Some people have told me it smells like Grandma's spice cabinet, some people have said it smells like Christmas, and one gentleman told me it was "dudely"; I think it just smells great.

I make this in a wide range of prints, so it's impossible for me to list them all! You will receive one at random, but I promise it'll be pretty/awesome/pretty awesome.