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Swatchbook Series: Party Rock Anthem Edition - A Blank, Lined Knitting-Themed Notebook With Coloring Book Elements

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A blank notebook for anything at all, featuring one of the many music-inspired colors of MollyGirl Yarn! This edition features the Party Rock Anthem colorway, inspired by the LMFAO song!
About The Series: The cover of each book features a seamless color photograph of a different swatch showing off one of MGY's fabulous colors. Each book contains college-ruled pages (see the title or description of the volume to check how many pages you're getting!) with coloring-book style elements on the page margins. They come in a wide variety of sizes, so whether you're using this to write your next novel or take notes in your college or high school classes, log your crafting projects, or record your travel adventures, these neat little volumes will be easy to bring along!
Makes a great gift for any yarn crafter, especially your favorite knitter! Keep an eye out for more colorways and styles to be added!

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