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MollyGirl Yarn

Sweater-In-A-Bag - Rock Star

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Looking to make a cozy MollyGirl sweater or another large project? Try one of our ready-to-ship sweater-in-a-bag bags! Plus, get 10% off!

This listing is for a quantity of ROCK STAR. For other bases, please visit the collection page. Rock Star is the original iteration of our most popular yarn and perfect for sweaters and large projects! This yarn is completely made in the USA, from the sheep farmers to the superwashing facility to the mill, to us. As such, this wool is processed a lot more carefully than most wool when it's undergoing the superwashing process that makes it resistant to felting. This care & attention results in a gorgeous wool that retains the body & bounce of non-superwashed wools. If you haven't worked with it yet, you're truly in for a treat! Each 100g skein contains apx 220 yards. (Total yardage in each bag is the number in parenthesis next to the colorway name.)

You will get the EXACT skeins shown in the photos. The skeins in the photos are already packed into one of our reusable zip project bags and ready to ship to you for your next big project!

Please note: there are 2 quantities of Blue Monday available. They are sorted by dyelot (one contains 5 skeins and one contains 6). Please make sure you are selecting the correct one from the dropdown menu as we cannot switch them after checkout.