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The Lazy Diary: 2024 Plannerish Edition

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Want to keep a planner, journal, or diary, but never know what to say? Blank pages make your mind go blank too? Want to track your mood or symptoms or just keep track of your days? The Lazy Diary is what you've been looking for.

Originally designed by a very neurodivergent human (hi, that's me, I'm Angela) for personal use, this book is more a spin on the classic British "diary" than the diaries I was familiar with growing up.

It’s less intended to be a record of your inner turmoil and personal revelations than it is more like a daily log book. As someone with a chronic illness, for me it was mostly meant to be a method of tracking my symptoms. The more I used it the more fun it became, especially once I added the "Achievements" section!

This full-sized 2024 Plannerish Edition is sort of like a cross between a planner and a more traditional diary. There are full, dated, weekly spreads for every week from January 2024 through the first week & a half of January 2025. Most Lazy Dairies are undated, so if you're looking for something more along that line, please visit our Author Page!

This 8.5x11 2024 Plannerish edition of The Lazy Diary features:

  • 53 weeks' worth of page spreads, dated from January 1, 2024 through
  • A place to record a daily doodle (or colorful scribble) about the weather and another for your mood
  • A place to record the soundtrack of your day - be it podcast, audiobook, the latest Bleachers album, the 6th season of Big Brother, or the sound of the rain hitting your window. I've found that when I can associate the media I consumed on a given day with the things I DID on that day, I have an easier time remembering!
  • A section for daily ACHIEVEMENTS! I personally give myself a sticker for everything, even if some days all I get is one that says "survived".
  • Weekly prompts to help you remember the good things!
  • A weekly tracker grid for tracking whatever! Just write in the task or habit and tick it off when you complete it! (If you do all 7 days, I strongly suggest giving yourself a sticker in the Achievement section!)
  • An additional tracking space for 3 things you need to do daily - I personally use it to mark off when I've taken my morning, afternoon, and evening meds, but I left it unlabeled so you can use it for whatever you like.
  • An additional blank space each week for notes, thoughts, etc. featuring a 1cm dot grid.
  • Handy-dandy tips from the author (me) on how I use my Lazy Diary and additional ideas for your own personal spin!
  • Dedicated pages for holidays & birthdays as well as a page for your most important contact numbers in the event of an emergency
  • Loads of blank list pages in the back so you can make notes on the things that are important for YOU to keep track of long-term.
  • Full-color pages in a 90's-inspired rainbow of colors!
There are additional versions of this book, both available now and planned for the future, so if you love this idea but this one isn't quite right, please check the Thistledew Press author page for our full selection of titles!

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