A Classic Christmas Ornament

A Classic Christmas Ornament

I'm not really into Christmasy stuff... but this is one of my favorite ornaments from this year. Something about the old paper and the particular shades of red, green, and gold that are here reminds me of how I felt about the holidays as a kid.

It was a positive association then: the smell of old sheet music and baking cookies and 3 feet of fresh snow (1993, anyone?). Even if the holidays inspire in me now anxiety at a minimum, I used to love it. Maybe someday I will again.

Honestly, making small, simple gifts for a handful of special people this year in lieu of the commercial spending spree (and furious knitting frenzy, lezzbe real) has been extremely cathartic. Paper and paint and glitter (always glitter) were my childhood holy trinity - maybe they will lead me back to a place of unadulterated crafting joy once more?

Anyone else? Holiday crafting - lifting you up or getting you down?

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