Inclusivity is a core principle of the MollyGirl brand. One of our main goals is to foster creativity and happiness by creating an inclusive space that is comfortable and welcoming to all. Period. Without exception. We believe that all people deserve to be greeted with a smile and treated equally and with respect, regardless of race, origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, body size, ability, religion or any other characteristic, belief, or feature.

Under no circumstances do we tolerate the vocally intolerant within any space that can rightfully be constituted as "ours". This includes our studio, booth spaces, and internet domains & profiles. On our internet spaces, any intolerant comments, any aggressive words, or any language that we consider intentionally offensive will be removed from our space. Likewise, at our physical locations any person verbalizing any of the above or acting in an aggressive, overtly and intentionally rude, or otherwise intolerant manner will be removed from our space.

We do our best to be thoughtful and respectful and to learn from any missteps we may make. We promise to always try to do better, to listen, and to learn. We know that everyone makes mistakes, so as a brand we value your feedback as customers. We value you and your experience.

If you experience or observe any behavior you feel is unacceptable by anyone within our space (a customer or an employee) or have any other concerns regarding our inclusivity policy, please reach out directly to Angela.