Quantity Discount

I'm a big girl. I get it. Yarn is expensive already, and when you're a bigger person you need even more of it to finish projects that make you feel good. Sweaters, obviously, but I make all of my shawls oversized too when I'm knitting for myself.

The way society treats plus-sized people is my personal soapbox. I won't go off here, but I wind up getting angry almost every time I go to the mall. We've got enough to deal with - so I want to make life a little easier for fabulous people like myself.

I'm really pleased to offer a discount for any orders of more than 6 skeins to help you finish that large project of your dreams. It can be used across all of our bases & colors, and you're welcome to use it even if you aren't plus-sized. The codes for the discounts are:

  • PLUS6 - for orders of 6 or more skeins; 10% discount
  • PLUS8 - for orders of 8 or more skeins; 12% discount