The Latest News

The Latest News

Hello friends! Angela here.

As many of you know, I've had to step WAY back thanks to health nonsense. That nonsense is still around, still a mystery, but I've not given up. I'm still NOT dyeing and I still spend most of my free time sleeping, but I do feel a bit more myself in other ways.

For one thing, I've started to get my words back. I love words, and I've never had a shortage of them until I got sick. It became then (and still is) totally draining to interface with people. Emails and messages in general still make me freak out some of the time. (Okay, most of the time, my inbox terrifies me.) But I've been writing again, mostly for myself, but I do have a couple of things in the works that may yet bear fruit of a different kind.

For anyone with an outstanding order (I know there are still some): I'm SO sorry. Rachy and I have been doing our best, and I can't believe there are still outstanding orders despite this. We're currently shipping from 2 locations - Rachy is shipping what she can and I will be shipping whatever I can. Before the month is out, all orders will either be filled or fully refunded. I want to hit October 1 with an empty order section. I SO appreciate your patience - and I truly do apologize.

As you might have noticed, the shop is back open, but in a very limited capacity. As you might have guessed, shipping and managing inventory is basically impossible for me right now. Everything that is currently available in the shop is automatically fulfilled - that is to say, you will not have to wait on me to do anything. Yes, there is rather a dearth of things to peruse, but that's just how it is for the moment.

The yarn & fiber and all that yum will be back, though probably not quite in the way it has been in the past. I want to try something different with regards to what's available when - think more of a rotating schedule? - and with one bin of things to ship at a time, I'm hopeful that we can clear out some stuff, it will all ship quickly, and maybe you'll see things you never noticed before because you only ever look at purples. All that to come - for now, the yarn is safe in its bins.

There's more available than you might think, though - while whatever mystery illness has done its best to sap my ability to do anything creative, I've haven't been totally idle either. There's a bunch of new things and I don't have to ship a single one of them. I've partnered with a few new producers and am really proud to be able to offer a whole line of new stuff! From notebooks to travel mugs to tote bags: we've got plenty of new with more on the way!

You might notice some different branding adorns some of these items, but I'm not quite ready to talk about that yet. I will, don't worry, but there's a lot more work to do on that project and again, I'm not in a position to give it my 100% yet. And it will be worth the wait, I promise.

Thank you all for your ongoing support. I'm hanging in there and doing my best, and I appreciate the heck out of all of you.

The biggest hugs my tired little arms can manage,

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