A Jersey Shore Ornament

A Jersey Shore Ornament

This is my other favorite ornament (and of course it's the hardest one to photograph). This one isn't totally full, you'll notice... and if you look closely you might see things aside from paper stars & glitter... 🌊 πŸ–οΈ 🐚

All the stars in here were made from (I think?) one piece of 12x12 scrapbooking paper that had a photo of a wave coming onto sand. I added some coordinating solids that were in the same color family... but I didn't really have that many that fit that particular bill.

What I DID have was a large collection of weeny seashells (and, correspondingly, more than a little sand) from my last trip down the shore. So this little ball is, instead, an ode to the Jersey shore.

I may make a couple more like this because they're just fun to sit and turn and twist and watch the sand (and glitter - there's always glitter) fall and uncover more stars and shells. There has to be a better container for that kind of thing though, right? Any ideas?

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I am stealing this very clever idea, for the adults in my family!

Now I just need something easy & repeatable for all the kids …


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