MollyGirl Turns 10!

MollyGirl Turns 10!

Holy cheeseballs you guys: MollyGirl is officially 10 YEARS OLD TODAY!!!

I really can't believe it. How has it been so long? It both feels like an eternity and just yesterday that I hopped out of bed in the middle of the night in our Main Street apartment in Hackensack to write MOLLYGIRL YARN on a sticky note, stuck it to my monitor, and went back to sleep.

What I do firmly and wholeheartedly believe is that I could never have done any of this without you. All of you. Everyone who's ever purchased ANYTHING from me - this is all because of you. You've stuck with me through my many health woes, furbaby emergencies, inventory issues, website snafus, a global health crisis, and those of shows I did in a wheelchair/walking cast. The hugs, snacks, conversations, show-and-tells, and see-you-soons have been at least as important as the things you bought. I don't really have the words to say how much that has all meant to me.

So instead, I'm going to say thank you with our BIGGEST. SALE. EVER. Seriously. EVER. There will be intermittent flash sales, and who knows, we might just pick a few lucky fans to send some special swag once or twice too! Keep your eyes on our social media accounts and/or your email inbox so you don't miss a thing!

The sale will go live on March 17 at 10 am and run for 10 days, ending on March 26 at midnight, EDT. Almost everything in the shoppe is on sale!

Use code GENERALADMISSION to get 20% off most full-price items in the shoppe; if you have another coupon code, you can use that instead. You can only redeem one coupon code per order; you can, however, use your Decade Sale coupon code as many times as you like during the sale.

To avoid confusion, coupons cannot be applied to orders retroactively. To restate: once you have placed an order we cannot apply a coupon code to it. Please make sure to use your coupon code when you check out!

Coupons expire at midnight on March 26, EDT - unfortunately we are not able to make any exceptions. Likewise, on March 27, it might take us awhile to get the shoppe back together. Even if the sale graphics are still up, it really is over. Really.

We regret we are unable to combine orders for shipping. If you place multiple orders, it will ship in multiple parcels. We're all very neurodivergent over here, and we need to keep it simple.

the exclusions
The following items/kinds of items are NOT included in the sale: pre-orders of any kind including dyed-to-order items; mystery grab bags*; sweater-in-a-bags*; digital downloads; any items from Katrinkles; pin-drafted roving; books; clubs; handspun.
*items are discounted by nature already

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