Packaging - An Art Also

Packaging - An Art Also

Fair warning: if you think you might be getting one of these from me and you don't want to see how the sausage is made (so to speak) stop now and scroll on down the road.

So I promised I'd show you how I wrapped these! Since we're doing Budget Christmas this year, I don't feel too weird going all in on the presentation. I have a box, two pieces of 20x14 tissue paper, my 80mm ornament, and all the stars I've managed to make since finishing stuffing the ornaments. That's slide the image at the top.

Step 2: Take one of the pieces of tissue paper. Stuff the short end into the box so that it sort of covers the bottom of the box and two of the inside sides of the box.

Step 3: Repeat with the other piece of tissue to cover the other side of the box. No need to be neat or precise - leaving some crumpled tissue at the bottom will protect the bottom of the ornament (though I'm not too worried because it's plastic).

Step 4
: Put in the ornament! Make sure the string is hanging out the top.

Step 5
: This is the slide you might find most confusing. I used my hand to press one of the pieces of paper in from the outside, and then folded it back flat.

Step 6: Then I did the same thing to the other paper. Essentially, what I did was create a little shelf all the way around the ornament, making sure to keep the string sticking out.

Step 7: Then, on my little shelf that I have made, I added a little handful of stars.

Step 8: Then, string in one hand, I squished the paper all in so I could close the box... leaving the string hanging out.

Then, I taped up the box and labeled it with some masking tape so I would know which ornament was in which box. It definitely didn't involve a four-digit numerical reference code corresponding to a spreadsheet. ...nope, definitely not.

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