What Became Of The Stars [Part 1]

What Became Of The Stars [Part 1]

Tadahhhhh! THIS is what I did with all those stars. And quite a LOT of stars it was, too.

We're doing the holidays on a slim budget this year. So, like we crafty peoples do, I started asking myself what I had A.) a lot of already an B.) that could potentially be turned into a gift with relatively little expense and net gain of STUFF.

At the time I had what I believed to be a HUGE amount of lucky stars. I fold them as a fidget basically all the time, and had a few bags full. I also had a lot of shiny dot glitter things that, despite my best efforts, I could not get to stick to my fingernails and STAY THERE. A quick trip to my local Joann netted me 32 empty plastic ornaments (for about $13) and some additional glitter ($10... but now I have such glitter!!) and I was in business!

I started sorting stars into color combos and stuffing them into balls... and realized there was no way I had enough stars. Like... my "huge" amount of stars was maaaaaaaybe 30% of what I was going to need. Fortunately, at this point Thanksgiving was looming , so my anxiety was through the roof and my preferred activity in that instance is... sleeping.

But the second-best thing is folding lucky stars while listening to a comfort book.

So that is what I did.

For days.

[to be continued...]

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