August Break

 I'm going to be taking a break from shipping for 2 weeks in August (minus clubs, those should still go out as scheduled thanks to my lovely friend Mo). It's not really a vacation; I'm still going to be working remotely from northern Connecticut while I goat-sit (yes, you read that right) for my college roommate while she does her 2 weeks with the Massachusetts Guard. But I won't be home to pack up anything, dye anything, or really be useful in any way that isn't digital. 


So if you're looking to get a sweater quantity started for fall, you'll need to get your order in ASAP to have a chance of me getting to it before I head up to be Farmer Angela for a week. She also has a variety of fowl and other furbabies, and I'm told there will possibly be baby chicks in the house. Expect pictures. 


Dye times are currently very high as I adjust to a new normal with a new 2nd job. If you're thinking about ordering something custom, please do it ASAP to get yourself in the queue. I can't honestly give any serious estimates; just know I will work as hard as I can to get things out to you in a timely fashion.


Please see earlier notices about shipping times as that still applies (though there may be some serious movement on the studio reno soon!).

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