Current Shop Announcements!

AWAY FROM OUR DESK! We're in Minnesota for Zombie Knitpocalypse! Normal business will resume 7/1.

SHIPPING NOTICE: Shipping lead times may be longer than normal thanks to our ongoing renovations of MollyGirl's studio spaces! Ultimately this should make shipping a lot smoother and quicker in the long run, but for now we've got a lot of stuff crammed into a small space and it's hard to navigate. Thanks so much for your patience!

STOCK INCONSISTENCIES POSSIBLE: UPS screwed us over! Until our giant box of yarn that was supposed to be at ZK arrives back at home, we may not have an accurate count of Rock Star DK skeins OR Boogie Woogie skeins. If you order something that was in this box, we won't be able to ship it until it arrives back with us. It's also possible we won't get that box back. Never fear! We just got a big shipment of both bases from the mill, and will be happy to redye these things as needed. We're also about to begin a grand overhaul of MollyGirl's photos, take a massive inventory, and generally make improvements on the back end. While this is going on it's possible we may have to dye some things to order for you. If that happens we will do our best to notify you ASAP and likewise get them dyed and on their way to you ASAP.

RETURN POLICY: Please note we do not accept returns unless there is an issue with your order. There are myriad reasons: most involve protecting the Studio, our stock, and our home. If you have any concerns about this, please email Angela.

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