Shipping Updates!

Shipping Updates!

Hello friends! It seemed like a good time to repost our current shipping policies!


We are OPEN for custom orders! Send an email to hello at mollygirlyarn dot com (or use the Contact Us button on each page) and let us know what base and color(s) you're looking for! If we've got it, we'll dye it...

...and we'll dye it nice and quickly, too! Dye times are currently short (max of 2 weeks, but probably not that long) so now is a great time to take advantage!

We are still shipping on a monthly schedule (that is to say we generally ship all orders at the end of the month).

Please also note that the shipping speed you select at checkout is the speed at which your chosen carrier will deliver your parcel. It has no bearing on when we actually pack up your package. If you need something urgently, please reach out to us! We'll do our best to accommodate any requests.

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