VKL Pre-Orders And Shipping Updates!

VKL Pre-Orders And Shipping Updates!

Hello friends! It's 2023!

VKL Pre-Orders are now open! Simply check out using code VKLPICKUP23! This will give you 5% off on your order AND alert us that you are planning to pick up your order at Vogue Knitting Live in NYC, Feb 10-12. Just come to the register and tell us your name - we'll check the order out and you can walk away with it!

Following the show, if you've picked up your order your shipping will be refunded once we get home and get our brains back on. If you, for some reason, were unable to pick up your order, we'll ship it!

We are OPEN for custom orders! Send an email to hello at mollygirlyarn dot com (or use the Contact Us button on each page) and let us know what base and color(s) you're looking for! If we've got it, we'll dye it...

...and we'll dye it nice and quickly, too! Dye times are currently short (max of 2 weeks, but probably not that long) so now is a great time to take advantage!

We are still shipping on a monthly schedule (that is to say we generally ship all orders at the end of the month).

Please also note that the shipping speed you select at checkout is the speed at which your chosen carrier will deliver your parcel. It has no bearing on when we actually pack up your package. If you need something urgently, please reach out to us! We'll do our best to accommodate any requests.

 VKL Pickup: the fine print

  • The code is good for pretty much anything that ships; it won't work on subscriptions or downloadable items. If it doesn't work on an item other than these, it's probably an error - please let us know!
  • We're offering this service in good faith - if you have no intention of picking up your order, please do not use the code.
  • Likewise, if you know before February 9 you will not be able to attend the show, please let us know that as well so we can leave your order safely in the office to ship on our return.
  • The code, and thus the offer to bring orders with us for pickup, expires at midnight on February 4 (EST). No exceptions can be made - sorry!
  • Space in our truck is extremely limited, so every item we bring means there's something else that had to stay home. Please don't abuse this or we won't be able to offer things like this in the future. We appreciate it!!

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