COVID-19 Disclaimer

COVID-19 sucks.


We're doing our best. We want to warn you that when you place an order there may be unexpected and unavoidable delays. Carriers are seeing problems with physically getting parcels from one place to another, and likewise we have experienced some unforeseen supply chain issues (which may impact what bases we can offer and how quickly we can process orders, specifically for our stockists).


If you experience a problem with delivery (specifically USPS) there is, unfortunately, very little we can do to assist you. Once parcels leave our hands we have access to the exact same information as you do. We suggest calling USPS directly and asking to speak to an agent; this sometimes helps to shake parcels loose that may be stuck somewhere weird. These days, though, really all you can do is wait.


We are as frustrated as you (probably more, actually) and we appreciate your understanding and patience.