Introducing Glamour, our long-awaited shimmery worsted-weight wonder! Designed by Angela and milled exclusively for MollyGirl, this one is sure to be an instant classic!

Our yummy blend of domestic superwash merino and a special kind of nylon lend a unique shimmering effect to this glamtastic yarn. And with 200 yards in each skein, it’s perfect for all kinds of snuggly garments and outwear that will simply sparkle in sun!

As of April 2019: all skeins produced after this date will feature our delicious domestic superwash merino! This special wool has never left the US - from sheep to skein, it’s produced entirely in America. The difference is clear once you’ve worked with our yarns - less pilling, more body and bounce, and unbeatable color absorption! All skeins sold after April 2019 featuring the original British wool will be marked with a colored dot on the label to denote the difference.

As of January 2018: Original club skeins of this yarn had 87.5% superwash merino, 12.5% nylon; we have updated the content to its current 75/25 split.

Weight: Worsted

Yardage: 220 yards per 100g

Fiber Contents: 75% american superwash merino, 25% trilobal nylon; 100% sheep-to-skein made in the usa

Washing Suggestions: This wool is machine-washable. You may also put it in the dryer. However, we suggest doing neither. To best care for your fibers (and the finished objects you've poured your time into) we suggest handwashing in cool water. We suggest Kookabura wool wash - it's what we use in the studio. In addition to being 100% natural and biodegradable, all of their scents act as natural pest-deterrents as well. This is not a paid endorsement, we just really like this product!!