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A Book A Day Reading Log

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You know what they say: a book a day keeps reality away! Capture your journey step-by-step with this great pocket-sized paperback notebook, specifically designed for readers and book lovers of all kinds!

Whether you're using it to plan out your next couple of reads or just keep track of what you read as go you, this 5x8 full-color paperback book has room to store all the necessary details about your next 150 reads! No serious writing required: just fill in the title, author, start and finish dates, and a rating!

If you do feel like writing a bit yourself, or just taking notes, saving your favorite quotes from your latest read, or making a list of things you might tackle next, there are also some lined pages sprinkled regularly throughout the book with extras at the back. This way, you can conveniently keep all your reading-related thoughts in one place!

Makes a great gift for any lover of books (including yourself!) and new readers!

There's more where that came from - please visit Thistledew Press' author page to see our full collection, including this book in a variety of other sizes in both hard & soft cover editions.

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