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Be Born

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My sophomore year of college, my cousin asked me to make her a baby blanket for one of her friends who was expecting. In love with granny squares but wanting to do something other than a traditional granny square blanket, I came up with this! I made a few and gave them away over the years, until finally I only had one left, traveling with me from show to show, mainly used as a display covering. It garnered a lot of attention, so finally, after many requests from showgoers, I’ve written up this pattern and now you can make your very own! It’s a quick blanket to whip up for a gift and it would be an amazing full-size throw as well! A perfect speedy project for a last minute shower, it works up easily in a weekend, and makes a treasured heirloom blanket for all the kiddies to come. I genuinely hope you’ll enjoy making this as much as I do! Special thanks to testers Monique Colas & Genevieve Lyons for their help!

• This blanket calls for worsted weight yarn; we suggest MollyGirl Rock Star! 
• Crochet hook of your preference; I suggest an I or J size hook for a worsted weight blanket. Gauge is not critical, so hook size isn’t either. It may however affect your yardage usage so if you crochet more loosely, I would advise you to use a smaller hook.

Pattern Notes
• I have given yarn quantities for each of four styles of this blanket, but the variations are only as limited as your imagination. Overall you need about 850 yards for one blanket that measures apx. 37” square; if you have a particular color sequence in mind, I strongly suggest getting an extra skein of each color just in case. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to yardage, I say.
• If you are working the kit, pay special attention to gauge. Your center square should be apx. 5.5” square. If it is slightly larger or smaller you may run into trouble and we definitely don’t want that. =D
• My directions for the central granny square are “in a nutshell”. They also reflect the technique I personally use to make granny squares. This is the method I was taught, though myriad ways exist. If you have a particular method you prefer to use, go right ahead. Additionally, if you need clearer instructions on granny square basics I strongly suggest referring to The Granny Square Book by Margaret Hubert or this Instructables tutorial by russm313.

We do ask that you please credit us for your FO’s if you decide to sell them, but feel more than free to make as many as you like to sell. =) If you run into any trouble, have any questions, comments, pictures of your FO’s, or just want to say hi, feel free to contact us at or find us on our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr.