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Beautiful Day

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On my quest for a perfect beach tote/farmer’s market bag, I tried several patterns. I was having trouble finding one that was as large as I wanted while still using a reasonable amount of yarn and not taking too long to knit. As always, in my times of need I turned to my trusty stitch dictionaries and this bag was born. This bag is large enough to hold all the beach essentials including a towel, sun block, and a good book, but it takes under 250 yards of yarn to knit and works up super quickly. I hope you like making these bags as much as I do and that they bring you many beachy days.

Pattern Notes
• While this pattern was designed to use almost exactly one skein of Cascade Sunseeker (I usually have a wee ball left over), you can use any yarn in any weight. I have never used any lighter weight yarn (and in order to make the bag as sturdy as possible I probably wouldn’t use anything lighter than a dk weight) but I have used a bulky-weight yarn to great effect. The bag was a little larger overall and took about 280 yards, so just be careful that you have enough on hand if you are going up a weight or three.
• It’s also worth noting that I did NOT use different-sized needles when switching to the bulky-weight yarn.
• You are free to use any size needles you like for the base, brim, & handles, just make sure your stitches won’t be too large so the base does still hold stuff. I also wouldn’t try going much smaller for the body. Changing the size of the needles from what’s written may also change the yardage required, so make sure you have a backup skein in case you need it.
• While you can theoretically work the entire thing on dpns if you want to, I strongly suggest having the circulars. It can be quite cumbersome otherwise.

It’s finally here! The pattern has now been updated to include instructions for an optional inside pocket! I hope to update this again with better pictures, but I believe all you need to add it to your bag should be there. If there is any confusion, please feel free to PM or email me and I will clarify both you and the pattern.