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Before The Fall Mitts

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When I was making my photo samples for the Before The Fall tam (using the scraps from my photo sample of my Footprints Cowl) I had almost half a skein of yarn left over. Never one to leave a partial hanging around, these gloves were born. Knit from the top down featuring faux cables and an afterthought thumb, they are a great intro to fingerless gloves and a quick knit for a last-minute gift or weekend project. Since they are knit from the top down they are perfect to make sure you use every last bit of that special skein of yarn and are a great intro to knitting 2-at-a-time with the magic loop method. Enjoy!

• At least 150 yards of worsted/aran weight yarn
• US 7 needles, either a set of dpns or a 40” circular needle if you want to work these 2 at a time with the magic loop method
• Stitch markers to mark the beginning of the round
• A crochet hook or tapestry needle for finishing
• Two scraps of a different yarn

Pattern Notes
• To get the maximum mileage from your yarn and make your gloves as long as possible, I suggest doing these two things before anything else:
o Evenly splitting your yarn. The easiest way to do this is use a yarn scale (read: repurposed food scale) of the digital persuasion.
o Putting aside the yarn for the thumbs from the beginning. Each thumb takes about 7 yards, though I recommend setting aside ten per thumb to be on the safe side