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Bumfle - A Pattern from Yarnison Designs

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This listing is for a digital pattern download of the Boobs Out pattern from Yarnison Designs.

About The Pattern, In The Designer's Words
‘Bumfle’ is a verb I thought was in common usage, which turned out to be a Scots word when I tried to use it on the English. It means ‘to bulk or puff up’. I designed this cowl to use nearly a whole 200g skein of super chunky yarn, highlighted with a motif in a finer DK yarn. It’s a quick knit, delivering a big squashy cowl for for emergency gifts or immediate warmth for yourself.

200g of bulky weight yarn & apx 25g of dk weight yarn

8mm (US 11) and 4mm (US 6) needles, straight or circular as you prefer for working flat.

Cable needle, tapestry needle, 6 buttons (approx 18-20mm diameter), electronic weighing scale (optional).

The cowl is worked flat on the bias, with button and buttonhole bands applied in the contrasting DK yarn. You’ll use increases and decreases, a simple slipped stitch cable and you’ll pick up stitches for the button bands. It is suitable for adventurous beginners and intermediate knitters. The pattern is designed to maximise use of the super chunky yarn. To use every last scrap, you can weigh your chunky yarn before you get started, and then weigh again at the half way point of the project, which is after working the first 5 pairs of Body Rows. You will have more than half your yarn remaining. If you wish to add more rows, keep working the set pairs until just over half the yarn remains.

The DK contrast yarn needs 25g, so it’s a good use of leftovers.

This pattern was tech edited by Katherine Lymer and test knitted by Julie Wright and Janet Hardman.


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    About The Designer

    I’m Jane and I am a knitwear designer based in Manchester, UK. I believe that knitting is a creative collaboration between maker, designer and yarn dyer. I have released several successful patterns which adhere to this ethos. I spend the rest of my time working as a user experience designer for charities and social enterprises.