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Colorful Language: A Notebook/Coloring Book Combo Full Of Fun Swearwords

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Nothing says "be weary, I'm sweary" quite like this outrageous notebook/coloring book combination!

What's Inside:
  • Over 100 college-ruled lined pages, each featuring a non-repeating coloring element! The lines themselves are a fun assortment of colors as well!
  • 20 full coloring pages!
  • Premium paper - all 122 sheets, baby.
  • A whooooole lot of expletives - and we didn't limit ourselves to English, either! This book is not for the faint of heart (or anyone under the age of 18).

This combination notebook & coloring book is full of fun curses, expletives, and other things you shouldn't say in public - and not all are in English! Featuring words from German, Serbian, Italian, & more!

Inside, you'll find a page dedicated to personalization, where you can proudly write your name under the heading "this book belongs to."

This notebook is perfect for students, whether in high school or college, and also serves as a versatile companion for work or personal purposes. It's an excellent choice as a journal or diary, allowing you to express your thoughts and ideas in style.

With a generous 100 college-ruled pages, each adorned with lines in fun and vibrant colors, your notes will never be dull. But here's the fun part - every page contains a non-repeating zentangle-style coloring book element!

There's more where that came from - please visit Thistledew Press' author page to see our full collection, including this book in a variety of other sizes in both hard & soft cover editions.

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