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Footprints Infinity Scarf

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My little sister went to university in St. Andrews, Scotland, where the winters were blustery and cold. I wanted to make her something to keep her warm and snuggly in the wind. Having recently become enamored of stranded colorwork, I designed some delightful snowflake charts, interspersed them with some classic Fair Isle motifs, and here is the result. She got the cowl for Christmas 2014 and a matching hat and set of mittens for Christmas 2015 – the latter will be released soon so you too can make the whole set, named for one of my favorite modern holiday songs.


  • About 270 yards of worsted or Aran weight yarn in each of 3 colors (we suggest MollyGirl Harmony!); about 810 yards altogether 
  • Two sets of US 8 16” circular needles 
  • A stitch marker 
  • A tapestry needle

Pattern Notes 

  • This pattern is easily adaptable for any weight yarn. As long as the number of stitches you cast on is a multiple of both 12 AND 18, the charts will work (72, 108, 144, 180, 216, & 252 will be suitable). 
  • This pattern was designed to use 3 different colors. You can use more or less, you may just have to repeat some extra sections of the chart to make the color pattern line up at the end. 
  • Make sure to select colors that contrast enough so that the pattern shows up. You can use muted or subtle colors, but if they are too much alike you won’t see the pattern enough for everyone to drool over your beautiful work! 
  • This cowl is worked vertically in the round. It begins with a provisional cast-on which will be removed when the cowl is as long as you want it to be. You’ll then pick up and use the Kitchener stitch to seamlessly graft the two ends of the cowl together to make a torus (aka a donut shape). 
  • If you wind up with any ends in the middle of the piece, I strongly suggest weaving them in as you go using your tapestry needle.