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Heart & Soul - Free Pattern

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This MollyGirl classic just got a facelift! Updated for 2018 featuring more sizes, an easy-to-read layout, and brand spanking new photos!

Much like the classic tune, “Heart and Soul” is to piano students everywhere, a basic hat pattern will lay a great foundation for new knitters and open up a whole new world of yarnie possibilities! Here is my simple recipe for the most basic of hats. Once you do it one or two times, you’ll be able to figure out how to make it work for just about any yarn!

Hats like this (and knitting at large) are, for better or worse, primarily about math. I’ve included here specific instructions to make a simple hat from worsted weight yarn to fit an average-sized adult head. Need to make a different size or use a different size yarn? Easy! Check the Modifications section after the main pattern section for thoughts on modifications for sizing and other things you can do to tweak this recipe.

Some people are sweater knitters, some people are sock knitters – I am, to my very core, a hat knitter. They are my go-to project and I make them by the binful, especially when I’m travelling. Hence, I call them Roadtrip Hats. I’ve been known to leave hats I’ve made on my travels behind at B&Bs or give them to interested persons I meet on the road. You’ll see me post them on Instagram (#roadtriphat) and my project page on Ravelry is full of them. I do my best (as do many of this pattern’s knitters!) to keep meticulous notes about how many stitches I cast on and any mods I made to any given hat. The Projects section of this pattern’s page on Ravelry is a huge resource to those needing quick & dirty numbers for their desired size.*


  • 110-180 yards of worsted weight yarn (we suggest MollyGirl Rock Star)
  • 2 16” circular needles, one in US size 7 and one in size 8 needles
  • 1 set of US 8 double-pointed needles (You can do the whole project on DPNs if you wish, but I don’t suggest it)
  • At least 140 yards of worsted weight yarn (though with some clever needle sizing I’ve squeaked out adult-sized hats with 100 yards!)
  • 1 stitch marker
  • A tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Goes great with our Crazy Hat Skeins for a quick project!

Special thanks to my hand models/additional photographers Jenny Engeleit & Sara Cronin.