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Treasure Bag - A Pattern from Lucky Fox Knits

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This listing is for a digital pattern download of the Treasure Bag pattern from Lucky Fox Knits.

About The Pattern, In The Designer's Words
This little knitted treasure bag makes a perfect travel jewelry bag, headphone case, or reusable holiday gift wrapping! Versatile and easy to make, this knitted treasure bag is the gift that keeps on giving. It is useful, pretty, and oh so soft to the touch! The bag is easy to open and close with a knitted i-cord drawstring.

Best of all, this fun knitting project presents a unique opportunity to use up all those bits of lovely fingering weight scrap yarn left over from years of knitting socks. Now is the time and place to use up those colorful bits of treasured yarn and create your own unique patterns and stripes!

Tips For Color Selection: When selecting colors from your stash of leftover yarn, choose something dark, something light, and something bright. Additional neutral colors can also be added such as beige, ivory, grey, brown, green, and pastel colors. It is a good idea to repeat the same colors throughout the piece for continuity. Before you begin, prearrange your colors in a sequence that is attractive to you. Avoid colors that dominate or clash with the rest. It’s ok to use a bit of yarn that is fuzzier, rougher, or obviously different from the rest. This textural difference visually adds interest to the finished product.

How It Works
The pattern will be sent to your email address that you use to place your order.

Pattern Stats

Yarn: Any sport or fingering weight yarn will work, apx 70 yards total
Needles: US Size 0

About The Designer

Valya Boutenko is a knitting pattern designer with a love of functional art. She earned a BA in art at Southern Oregon University, and now owns her own small business Lucky Fox Knits. Vaya enjoys writing patterns with clear, reliable instructions. She aims to create eye-catching designs with clever transitions that highlight all the joy of knitting. Valya resides in Oregon with her husband and their two mini dachshunds.