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It’s that time of year – the first cold snap is here and all your warm gear is packed away still. Or it’s later in the fall and you’re starting to realize there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of ever getting all the holiday gifts you want to make finished in time. Or you’re simply like I was a few years ago – interested in cables and looking for a low-risk, high-reward project to dip your toe in. Whatever the case may be, these headbands fly off the needles, fit everyone, and make excellent gifts (or last-minute additions to your own wardrobe!). With no fussy buttonhole to worry about (simply stick your button through any one of the stitches – yet one more reason to love your size 11’s!), this makes for great TV, car, or playing pub trivia knitting!

• At least 70 yards of bulky weight yarn (I strongly recommend MollyGirl Rock Star XL because it’s awesome!); I used Rock Star XL for all of my samples; the 2-strand twist is worked in With Or Without You (the grey), the 3-strand braid is worked in Under The Table & Dreaming (the blurple), & the 5-strand braid is worked in Truly Madly Deeply (the pink.)
• Size US 11 needles
• A button somewhere between the size of a US nickel or quarter
• A crochet hook or tapestry needle for finishing

Thanks always to my beautiful and charming models, Logan, Jenny, & Mo!